Dry Cookers

Our innovative Aridus™ family of continuous dry cooker stretchers delivers the highest capacity of any dry cooker on the market while eliminating the need for cook water and increasing your yield.

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Aridus Mozzarella Cheese Dry Cooker

Aridus™ EM Continuous Dry Cooker

The Aridus EM Continuous Dry Cooker is the first mozzarella system that uses electromagnetic power in place of the traditional cooker/stretcher cook water. Electromagnetic cooking eliminates fat loss to water and allows for precise temperature control, ensuring the curd is heated to the exact desired temperature.

Stretching in the Aridus is controlled by innovative augers with independent heating systems. The dual augers gently mix the curd – retaining moisture and fat without edge-cutting common in other cookers. Adjustable direct steam heating provides additional moisture and temperature adjustment to the cheese.

These innovative features and more efficient cooking method combine to ensure the Aridus achieves higher yields than any other mozzarella cooking system.

Aridus Design Features Include:

  • Eliminates cook water
  • Highest capacity of any dry cooker
  • Non-Batch Continuous production
  • Linear power systems allows for predictable, precise temperature control
  • Instant on/off heat control
  • No pre-heating
  • Rapid temperature adjustment
  • Pre- and Post- Cooking Ingredient Addition
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Aridus™ DA Continuous Cooker Stretcher


The Aridus DA family of cooker stretchers incorporates the knowledge gained over decades of pasta filata cheese making machinery design and applies it to a unique continuous dry cooker.

The new system features a patent pending heated “Hi-Flow” heated auger and adds a heated body. Both of these systems operate with independent temperature control in a non-contact manner. A third adjustable heat source is provided through direct steam injection delivering moisture addition and lubricity for the cheese as it moves through the body. These three heat sources are unique to the Aridus DA family of cookers and allow optimized heating of your pasta filata cheese.

Dual auger dry mixing eliminates the cook water of traditional systems reducing fat loss, increasing yield, and decreasing wastewater. Dry cooking further allows the option of ingredient addition during the cook process. Temperature control, proven thorough mixing, maximized yield, and ingredient flexibility make the Aridus DA ideal for many applications and production levels.