Cheese Molder Chiller


The RMC is designed for forming and cooling large volumes of Mozzarella, Provolone, and pizza cheese into standard and custom sizes based on your unique needs. Using quickly interchangeable molds, one machine can satisfy all of your requirements.

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Available Model Types

Available Molder Models

Design Features

  • Highest molding capacity in the world
  • Increased product yields
  • Excellent fiber alignment
  • Superior rapid cooling
  • USDA/3A sanitary design
  • Available with Allen Bradley or Siemens control packages
  • Capacities exceed 12,000 lbs per hour on a single machine
  • No chill water-to-product contact
  • Exceptional weight & shape control
  • CIP Standard
  • Interchangeable non-teflon molds 30+ inches in height
  • Automated operation with minimal operator intervention
Model 12000-RMC (Rotary Molder Chiller)