Model 12000-RMC

Our largest molding machine, the Model 12000 Rotary Molder Chiller (RMC) provides cheese makers with increased production capacity for pasta filata style cheese. It features all of the benefits of the Model 8000 RMC plus the availability of >34” (864mm) tall molds which are primarily designed for slicing applications and/or block reduction. The design of the Model 12000 RMC allows it to interface with existing cookers and brine systems. The Model 12000 RMC can also be configured for the production of 15kg Euroblocks.

Design Features Include:

  • Round or Square cheese molding
  • Automated CIP
  • Hygienic no chill water to product contact
  • Highest production capacity
  • No Teflon required
  • Superior fiber alignment
  • Increased cooling time over the Model 8000 RMC
  • Available 34+” (864mm+) mold height
  • Gentle auger filling
  • Interchangeable molds
Model 12000-RMC (Rotary Molder Chiller)