Model 2000-RMC

The Model 2000-RMC features the same hygienic cooling technology found in our larger production models but is equipped with a single interchangeable horizontal molding wheel. This automated unit is designed to meet continuous molding production requirements under 3000 lbs (1360 kg).  This unit can also complement our larger RMC’s to run unique low-volume product independently.

Design Features Include:

  • Low-cost, entry level Rotary Molder Chiller
  • Air Cylinder discharge
  • Direct drive shaft for rotating wheel
  • Balance tank for cooling media and CIP
  • No water to product contact
  • Excellent shape creation
  • Multiple interchangeable molds available
  • Gentle auger filling from integrated molder body
Rotary Molder Chiller 2000

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  • Model 2000-RMC Cheese Molding Machine