Model 4000-RMC

An entry level Rotary Molder Chiller, the Model 4000-RMC features the same technologies used in our higher production models but consists of a singular circular interchangeable mold instead of individuals molds configured in a circle. This model is fully enclosed for CIP and comes with a portable mold change out and storage table. The Model 4000-RMC is perfect for fully automated low production needs.

Design Features Include:

  • Economically priced continuous molder
  • Very small floor space requirement
  • Round or Square cheese molding
  • Automated CIP
  • Hygienic no chill water to product contact
  • No Teflon required
  • Superior fiber alignment
  • Increased cooling time over shuttle head designs
  • Gentle auger filling
  • Interchangeable molds
Model 4000-RMC Cheese Molder