Model 8000-RMC

Our mid-sized molding machine, the Model 8000 Rotary Molder Chiller (RMC), is the most popular size in our molder line. The compact design and flexibility of this molder has made it the choice for the top pasta filata producers in the world.  The design of the molder allows it to interface with existing cookers and brine systems. The mold sizes range from 8oz (250g) square and round forms through 20lb (10kg) sizes.

Design Features Include:

  • Round or Square cheese molding
  • Automated CIP
  • Hygienic no chill water to product contact
  • No Teflon required
  • Superior fiber alignment
  • Gentle auger filling
  • Interchangeable molds
RMC Model 8000 Cheese Molding System

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  • RMC System (top view)