Join Johnson Industries International (Booth #826) on April 22-24 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to see how our newest cheese making and processing tools can save you time while reducing waste.

Johnson Industries has successfully implemented its Enterprise Product Data Management (EPDM) system, incorporating complete data storage and full revision control for each machine we deliver.

Johnson Industries recently installed a new shred line in Australia using a custom designed automated dynamic cubing system that simultaneously processes both hard and soft cheese in a blended mode, feeding four interchangeable Urschel shredders.

Wisconsin Specialty Cheese Institute (WSCI) has elected new board members & officers. Johnson Industries International is a member of the WSCI and holds a board position.

Johnson Industries International, Inc. is the premier designer and manufacturer of mozzarella and pizza cheesemaking equipment. The company is small in size with 40 employees but is big in innovation, quality and service. They specialize in cooking, molding, brining,cutting and shredding equipment, much of it made of stainless steel.

Johnson Industries is proud to be chosen as a supplier by Nordmilch of Germany, a world-renowned cheese manufacturer specializing in the production of mozzarella, edam, and gouda type cheeses.

Further refining our mozzarella making systems, Johnson Industries has introduced our first in-line liquid pre-salting system. Accurately dosing salt to less than 0.5% accuracy, this system decreases brine time and allows rapid product advancement to packaging.