In-House Demonstration of a Complete Shredding Line

On January 26th and 27th, Johnson Industries International had the chance to show how our conveyors, cubing systems and Urschel shredder meld seamlessly in a comprehensive shredding line. For two days, customers were able to see a fully-functioning line designed to shred 5000lbs/hr (2268kg/hr) and package bags ranging from 1lb -  15lb (.45kg - 6.80kg). The in-house demonstration allowed potential buyers to see how the machines were made and ask questions directly to the individuals responsible for designing and building the equipment. All said, the days were successful; as long-time members of the Johnson Industries International family showed how their work will help solve problems the visitors face in their own processes. For more information on our shredders and conveys, please click the links below.


A Complete Shredding Line from Johnson Industries International