Cheese Presses

Vacuum Tunnel CHEESE Press

Designed for reprocessing of trim into blocks as well as general curd pressing, the vacuum tunnel cheese press provides a modular solution for the cheese pressing needs of large operations as well as single block operations.

Uniquely designed, the horizontal approach to pressing cheese allows various shapes and sizes to be pressed using the same equipment. Highlights include:

  • Fully programmable vacuum and pressing operations
  • Independence from “mold-specific” pressing machinery
  • Completely modular design allows for flexibility
  • No product loss at start or end of production runs
  • Minimal downtime between product changeover
  • Easily cleaned and operated

Ergonomic Horizontal Cheese Press

Specifically designed and custom built for our customer’s filled cheese molds, the Johnson Industries’ Ergonomic Horizontal Cheese Press significantly reduces the physical challenge of loading and unloading the cheese press.  Our design eliminates the bending and heavy lifting involved with the traditional vertical press.  The features and benefits include:

  • All stainless steel, robust construction
  • Customized for each application
  • Safety over-bar to retain molds under pressure
  • Integral counter work space at standing level
  • Easy load and unload; no bending or heavy lifting
  • Quick and easy cleaning
  • An affordable solution
Vacuum Tunnel Cheese Press

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  • Horizontal Cheese Press
  • Vacuum Tunnel Cheese Press
  • Vacuum Tunnel Press: Modular Design