Cheese Cutter

Cutting Systems

For over three decades, Johnson Industries has designed and manufactured hundreds of cheese cutting machines to meet our customers various reduction needs, cutting blocks of cheese in various dimensions for retail, food service, delis, and other operations.

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We design and manufacture one-way, two-way, and three-way cheese cutting machines to meet your various reduction needs. Our cutting machines can cut blocks of cheese into random as well as exact weight sizes in various dimensions. In addition, these machines can reduce large blocks into cubes for shredding, grinding, grating, and melting for industrial use. Our cheese cutters operate in manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic mode depending on application and production requirements. Many custom cutters have been designed for unique applications. Please give us a call to discuss custom machinery.

Design Features Include:

  • ​Adjustable cutting wires
  • ​​Electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic powered
  • ​​Operator friendly design
  • ​​Easily cleanable
  • ​​Maintenance friendly design

Optional Features:

  • Automated infeed
  • ​​Robotic pick & place
  • ​​Various cut sizes and configurations
  • ​​Total enclosure for operator safety
  • ​​Knife, Wire, or Ultrasonic Blade cutting


  • All Cylindrical (Blue, Provolone, etc.)
  • All Blocks weighing up to 1000 lb (455 kg) such as Swiss
  • Euroblock
  • All Wheels / Rounds
Johnson Industries cheese cutting machines are custom built to meet your specifications.