7000 Series Cheese Shredder

The Model 7200 Cheese Shredder has dual containment centers and is well suited for mid-volume professional shredding operations producing 5000 lbs (2270 kg) to 7000 lbs (3175 kg) per hour. Each containment center has a dimension of 4 ½” W x 7” H x 22” L (115mm W x 178mm H x 559mm L). This chamber size is ideally suited for grating (4) 5 lb (2.25 kg), 6 lb (2.75 kg), 10 lb (4.54 kg) or (2) 20 lb (9 kg) blocks per cycle. Both containment centers use changeable crosscut knives to determine shred length. This machine can also cycle both chambers together for blending operations.

The Model 7240 Cheese Shredder is based on the Model 7200 but has a single containment center measuring 7” W x 11” H x 14” L (178mm W x 280mm H x 356mm L) which is ideal for shredding whole 40 lb (18kg) blocks or (2) 20 lb (9kg) blocks.

Cheese Shredding Machine