Wax Tanks

Wax tanks provide a sealed, protective coating over your cheese, assuring a safe and long shelf life while adding an attractive, eye-appealing package for your merchandising. We manufacture the easiest, simplest and safest operating wax tank systems available.

Model 100 WAX TANK

The Model 100-W features a single chamber with one dipping harp and is used primarily for one-color waxing in low production applications. It comes complete with insulation, a solid state temperature control system, and one stainless steel heat sensor.

Model 200 WAX TANK

The Model 200-W is a two-harp system in one chamber. The second harp can be loaded while the first is being cooled, which substantially increases production. This model comes complete with insulation, solid state temperature control system with one temperature gauge, one thermostat and one stainless steel heat sensor.

Model 400 WAX TANK

The Model 400-W is a two-harp, two-chamber system allowing for the use of two colors in the same machine. It is very common to use a clear wax as a base, or primer, when using black or red for the finished wax color. By using a clear wax first, a richer and deeper finished color is obtainable. A second separate heat control system is used, allowing independent heating of each chamber for different temperatures.

Model 600 WAX TANK

The Model 600-W features three independent harps in one chamber for high production waxing. Comes complete with a solid state temperature control system featuring two immersion heaters, temperature gauge, thermostat, and stainless steel heat sensor.

Model 400-W Wax Dipping Tank

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  • Wax Dipping System for Cheese