Anti-Cake Dispenser

The anti-cake dispenser feeds powders, granules, pellets, flakes, chips, and more. The feeder assembly consists of a stainless steel exterior housing and an electronically controlled feed screw/auger for metering ingredients. The machine also features a flexible polyurethane hopper agitated by external massage paddles to prevent product bridging ensuring optimal product level for feeding.

The three-paddle agitation can be adjusted to suit a variety of ingredients. An optional separate variable speed paddle motor allows for infinitely variable adjustment of the frequency of the paddle movement while the unique design permits easy disassembly and cleaning.

Anti-Cake/Ingredient Dispenser
Production 120 pounds per hour (6,000 lbs @ 2%)
55 kg per hour (2725 kg @ 2%)
Size 25”W X 40”H X 72” long
Weight 106 lbs (45 kg)
Construction Stainless steel and Delrin®
Auger 1.25 in (31.75 mm) Diameter Delrin®
Hopper 3 cubic foot w/ cover (85 cubic decimeters)
Electrical Per customer specifications
Anti-Cake Dispenser