COP Jet Recirculation Washers

COP Jet Recirculation Washers are fabricated using 12 gauge Type 304 stainless steel (heavier gauge steel available upon request). Units include adjustable heavy-duty stainless steel legs.

Valving to receive and send cleaning solutions to CIP storage or optional tank skid unit is standard. The wash solution is maintained at optimum cleaning temperatures by a self-actuating steam regulator with stainless steel thermowell, mixer, and piping. Single-wall insulation on top vertical walls is standard.

A lid with gas assist cylinders is available as an option, along with part holders and baskets to hold the parts during wash cycle. Interlocks may be included on the lid to interrupt steam actuator and to shut down pumps. 

Jet Stream inlets feature inspection and clean-out end caps as well as self-draining jets for sanitary maintenance. All piping has sanitary connections.

Inside dimensions are per specifications.

COP Jet Recirculation Washer